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5 Cool Things To Do In A Teepee!

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5 Cool Things To Do In A Teepee!

Let them play!

If you're looking for a show stopper gift for your little one this Christmas then maybe you should consider a kid's Teepee. They are the perfect gift for boys and girls with a BIG imagination.

Here at Burble Baby we stock the wonderfully bold monochrome range of Tepees from Wildfire Teepees.The Teepeees are made from 100% quality canvas and the tulip wood poles have been sourced for their pale colour and smooth surface, which makes them perfect for being around the littlies and compliments the monochrome prints perfectly.

Extremely en vogue in the interior design stakes, not only do Tepees look beautiful in your home and make a fab statement in your child's bedroom or nursery, Teepees are an ideal play accessory for your child for so many different reasons!

So, here's our guide to 5 cool things to do in a Teepee!

Wildfire Teepee Cross Teepee

1. Create a sensory den

Your child can unwind and relax in the Teepee. Let them snuggle down on one of the matching bean bags, close the doors and let them listen to some soft music and watch some soothing lights. If you're at the baby massage stage then this would be the perfect little space to bond with baby. Check out the Bloom & Blossom Mother & Baby Oil. The 100% blend of easily absorbed natural plant oils includes camomile flower oil to soothe and lavender oil to calm. The perfect sensory experience!

2. Hide-away

Even little ones need some 'me time'! Teepees make the perfect refuge for little ones and a place to escape. Kit it out with some soft mats, blankets, cushions and bean bags and maybe some fairy lights and they will love to crawl in and shut the door for a few moments peace and quiet.

3. Be a book worm

Encourage reading and a love of books from an early age and create a reading nook in your kid's Teepee. Leave a few books inside for them to interact with. Even at an early age children will love the texture and sound of sensory books or the bright pictures too. You could even use the Teepee as a space for bedtime stories -  what a perfect end to the day and a lovely way to bond with your child!

4. Hang out with friends!

Invite your real best friends for a play date or even your imaginary ones! Hold a teddy bear's picnic and feast on the finest party food, or just pretend with some scrummy wooden toy play food treats. Imagination is the only limit when it comes to creating adventures in your Teepee!

5. Watch a movie

When the rain is pouring down outside or if it's time to just chill out for a few hours, then grab the duvet and snuggle down with your child and watch their favourite film. Popcorn optional of course!

Wildfire Teepee Stripe

Wildfire Teepees are available to purchase at Burble Baby in 3 monochrome designs with matching bean bags. To receive 15% discount off your first order, sign up to the Burble Baby newsletter for your exclusive code.

Warnings! Teepees not suitable for children under 18 months. Long cord.
Strangulation hazard. Keep away from fire


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