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6 Reasons Why Baby Yoga Rules!

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6 Reasons Why Baby Yoga Rules!

Zoe from HoneyChild Baby Yoga gives Burble Baby 6 good reasons why baby yoga rules!

Baby Yoga. Sounds like one of those made up middle-class activities like cupcake decorating, knitting circles and supper clubs doesn't it?

But wait! It's got to be a good thing that there's so many different classes a parent can take baby to these days. Not only is it fab for baby's development, but also crucial for those lonely first months when you feel like the only woman awake at 4am. And in my humble opinion a sign that there's more and more of us enterprising mothers who want to work for themselves!!

I could carry on all day about the benefits of baby yoga, but I'll try and reign it in to 6 reasons why you should consider giving it a try.

  1. Digestion One of the most common ailments for baby is colic, wind, gastric reflux - and perhaps the cause of most tears for everyone. Fear not! Baby Yoga has some wonderful techniques to help. The hip sequence, tummy massage, and forward upright soothing holds to name a few
  2. A playbox of ideas Each class will arm you with loads of nifty tips for you to practice at home. Is your baby bored? Let's go rolling down the legs! Are they grouchy? Try 'Tiger in the tree' with some calming sonic massage. Want to play? Let's try to touch our toes and get in a muddle!
  3. Little explorers A 4 month old baby can't sit up! No they can't, but with Baby Yoga they can experience what it feels like. Our sitting balances encourage your baby to explore their physical abilities while feeling secure that you'll be there to catch them. Baby Yoga invites babies to hold onto you, rather than you holding onto them...what better way to build confidence and trust?!
  4. Yoga together Baby Yoga is for you too. Gentle stretches to ease you in, release tension, strengthen and tone. Your baby joins in too! Aeroplanes, Zooming to the Moon and Warrior Stretches are all exercises you can enjoy together
  5. Relaxing Be honest. When was the last time you really let go? Every baby yoga class has some precious time at the end where you can enjoy cuddles, eye contact, quiet feeding or simply let yourself drift away. Babies learn how to relax and soothe themselves by watching you - their ultimate role model!
  6. There's more...Tummy time ideas, neck & back strength, whooshing, laughs and giggles, confidently trying new things with your baby and learning what they love to do.

Zoe is a mother of three, from toddler to teen and also runs Honeychild Pregnancy and Baby Yoga classes in Cheshire. She can usually be found writing press releases (her other job), drinking strong coffee and thinking about what to have for dinner.

For more information on yoga for babies, pregnancy and more, you can find Zoe on Facebook and Twitter



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