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Best Wooden Toys for Babies and Toddlers

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Best Wooden Toys for Babies and Toddlers

Burble Baby gives the low down on the best wooden toys for babies and toddlers!

There is something beautiful about a carefully crafted toy made from wood! Sturdy and robust enough to withstand toddler bashing, with their eco friendly properties they are non toxic and safe for little exploring hands and mouths too!

From traditional classics such as cars,  pull-alongs and stackers, through to musical instruments, construction sets and pretend play kits; wooden toys are superb for helping to stimulate a child's imagination and help them develop many essential skills from birth through to pre-school and beyond. Here's our top picks:

Simple musical Instruments made from wood are wonderful toys that babies can use and play with as soon as they are able to grasp and hold objects. Shakers, maracas and drums are also great for adults to shake, tap or bang and attract baby's attention when they are very little. Watch how they follow the noise or are attracted by the bright colours!  Tap out rhythms to your favourite tune or get down and boogy with some funky moves! Wooden musical instruments provide hours of fun with baby and help to instill a lifelong love of music. Check out these bold bright animal maracas, we love them!Best wooden toys for babies and toddlers Wooden animal maracas


Baby Stackers are great for helping babies to develop their hand eye co-ordination and fine tune their dexterity,  movement and motor skills. We love this Windmill Stacker from Australian brand Discoveroo. The bright colours are sure to help with colour recognition too. A great toy for when babies can begin to sit up unaided. 

Best woodeen toys for babies and toddlers

Shape Sorters are classic toys great for assisting baby with colour and shape recognition and to begin learning the skill of problem solving. We love this unusual shape sorter which has many other benefits too! A jigsaw puzzle, a shape sorter and imaginary play item in one, this great toy by Danish brand Magni is truly scrumptious. The mouth watering fruits can be served on the plate to teddy and dolly, sorted into the shape sorter or fitted in to the jigsaw. A fabulous toy beautifully painted that will last beyond the baby years and fuel the imagination of pre schoolers too.

Best wooden toys for babies and toddlers Wooden fruit shape sorter and puzzle

Construction Toys are no longer the fodder of tweens and teens! Babies and toddlers can also begin to engage their problem solving skills with great toys and kits specially designed for their little hands and developing brains. From simple 2 piece toys that can be pulled apart and reassembled, to more complex engineering feats, there are some great wooden toys on the market that will challenge and broaden growing minds! How fab is this mini wooden aeroplane kit from Discoveroo!?Best wooden toys for babies and toddlers Wooden Aeroplane Construction Kit

Imaginary Play sets are wonderful for helping to fire imaginations, spark creativity and develop language skills in babies and toddlers. We're partial to all things cake related here and love these pretend play scrumptious cakes and goodies! Beautifully crafted and delightfully painted, they all fit in to a handy carry case too for play on the move ( and easy tidying up!). What fun your toddler will have serving up these delicious treats! Can we come for tea too?

Best wooden toys for babies and toddlers

Imaginary Play Wooden Cake & Goodies Set 


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