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Birthday Gifts For A Little Burble Baby!

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Birthday Gifts For A Little Burble Baby!

Happy Birthday Baby! If you're looking for some gift inspiration for the little burble baby in your life, then here at Burble Baby we've got a fab range of gifts suitable from new borns, to 1 year olds up to pre schoolers .

Toys that are bright and colourful and in good sturdy sustainable materials like wood are great for babies, and the environment! Develop baby's motor control and hand- eye co-ordination with toys that they can use to challenge their building skills and pincer movements like stacking rings and building bricks. Babies learn by cause and effect - let them stack things up and then see what happens when they knock them down again!

Babies love musical toys and anything that makes a noise! Capture their attention with rattles, drums and xylophones and develop their sense of rhythm and vocal abilities by singing and dancing in time to their wonderful tunes! It's party time!

For older children, toys that stimulate their imagination through imaginary play are a fun way to bring story telling to life and help them make those first steps into the magical world of make believe. Imaginary play food is always a favourite unisex baby birthday present that will be well used for years to come!

So if original and gorgeous gifts are up your street, check out our baby birthday gift suggestions!


Our Top Baby Birthday Gift Picks:














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