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Bra Advice for Pregnancy & Breastfeeding

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Bra Advice for Pregnancy & Breastfeeding

In our series of guest blog posts for Burble Baby, specialist online bra fitters bras4mums give their advice on fitting a bra for pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Finding a bra to fit is often frustrating and confusing at the best of times, as all bras fit differently and you are likely to be different sizes in different makes and styles.

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It is even more challenging when your body and breasts are changing all the time during pregnancy and breastfeeding baby and many women struggle to find suitable bras in general high street stores.

There are some simple things to look out for to make life easier and more comfortable:

1. Is the bra comfortable? If it’s not, it’s not right for you
2. Ensure the band is fitting firm on the tightest setting at the beginning to mid-pregnancy to allow for your rib cage to grow during pregnancy. At the end of pregnancy you need to fit on the loosest setting as your ribcage will reduce once baby is born.
3. Check the bra cup is covering your breast tissue to support your breasts and no seams or wires are pressing on any breast tissue – areas to double check are the top of the cup and under your arms.
4. Always fit to your larger breast (we all have one larger than the other, but it’s not always obvious), so that there is nothing pressing on your breast tissue.
5. For the initial stages of breastfeeding double check the top of the cup has enough room for your hand to slip inside. This ensures you have enough room for the milk to come in, yet support your breast after a feed.
6. If you choose to wear an underwired bra during pregnancy, check it every few weeks as your body is changing all the time and you don’t want the wire to start digging into breast tissue. We would suggest a specific maternity soft wired bra rather than your usual fashion wired bra. We don’t recommend an underwired bra for breastfeeding until after your breasts have settled as you cannot get the full drop down required for establishing feeding and may cause blocked ducts.

bras4mums are specialist online brafitters who have a wealth of experience in fitting women for maternity and nursing bras. They stock a wide range of styles and sizes suitable for all shapes, sizes and budgets. There is a lot more information and advice on their website www.bras4mums.co.uk.

Their  personalised bra fitting advice tool on this site gives more detailed information about what to look for at each particular stage of pregnancy or breastfeeding. bras4mums specialist bra fitters are also available by email and phone to give further advice on styles and sizes suitable, and to help through the confusion of different sizes and fit. With unlimited free exchanges and with the widest selection of maternity and nursing bras in the UK, it’s worthwhile using a specialist service for maternity and nursing bras.

For more information visit www.bras4mums.co.uk


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