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What To Expect When You Bring Home Baby

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What To Expect When You Bring Home Baby

Wondering what to expect on the outside? Burble Baby gives a few thoughts and tips on bringing home baby for the first time!

When the nesting urges kick in a few weeks before baby's impending arrival, it might be worth your while taking advantage of this surge of energy to spare a few moments thought to planning ahead and giving some realistic headspace for baby's homecoming, just so you're prepared.

Once your little bundle has made their grand entrance into the world and you have both been given the OK to leave hospital, as well as feeling excited and overjoyed, you might feel a little bewildered, dazed and confused and a little frayed around the edges too! Not to mention tired. Never fear, we've been there too, so here's a few handy tips on how to prepare for the first few days on the outside!
    What to wear - when you and your family head out of those hospital doors, your little traveller needs to be dressed for the occasion. It's good to start with a soft all-in-one vest over the nappy, then a sleepsuit with soft feet to keep those toes cosy.

    An outside garment on top of this – like an all-in-one fleece – will keep your baby snuggly, and a little hat is a must. Mittens can be a bit fiddly, so try scratch mitts if it’s a cold day.

    And for you? Keep comfortable in soft, stretchy, loose clothes that won't dig into your tender body. Big supportive knickers to help your swollen belly will make you feel better, trust us! And a soft bra without an underwire is a must too. Think leggings and BIG jumper, you'll want comfort dressing for some time yet mama.

    Wobbly Walk - Going through those hospital doors to the outside world with your precious cargo is the start of a new exciting chapter! You may however feel a little frayed around the edges and a little emotional as you say goodbye to your midwives. Take your time and relax and focus on your natural maternal instinct - you WILL be fine on the outside. Don't forget it is normal to begin to feel the baby blues a few days after baby's arrival too. Try and think of your new snug little bundle, the rest at home and all your cosy home comforts and, of course, that first cup of delicious tea in your favourite mug!

    Make the last wobbly, hobbly walk down the corridor a stylish one with a mama bag to accompany you on your new parenting journey.

    Driving Miss Daisy - undoubtedly you will have dedicated hours if not months of research to choosing the right car seat and travel system for you and your newborn. Undoubtedly you will have spent an inordinate amount of time putting up and pulling down the pram, fitting the car seat, checking the positioning of, and strapping over sized cuddly toys into said car seat. 

    Despite all the prior practice with the car seat however, you still might feel a bit nervous on the first drive home. So, sit in the back with baby and gurn at their cute little face. It will be a slow journey home, but it will be one you ALWAYS remember.

    And Relax? You made it safely home, what do you do next? The answer is nothing! Time to go with the flow, relax and rest. Use the quiet times when baby is settled to restore and repair your body and mind. Sleep, eat and put your feet up as you will need all your energy for the not so quiet times. Have a bath, enjoy that cup of tea, have a snooze. Space Masks

    The First Night - the first night at home with baby is probably going to be quite hard, a little nerve racking and of course tiring! But this is also a normal experience for you and your partner.

    Time, practice and confidence are what you need to get used to baby's night feeding, sleep and waking pattern. Plus, the fact that you have a little person by your side 24/7 is probably a new phenomenon that can blow your mind!

    Keep all the things you might need for those long night hours close at hand so you don't have to trek around the house - a glass of water for you, burp cloths swaddles, nappy changing gear, spare breast pads, spare clothes. Your phone ( for insta scrolling, not for phoning for help, just yet!)? And if you're bottle feeding, keep a thermos of hot water upstairs to warm the next bottle. Soon you'll be an expert night owl with all the tricks, hang on in there!

    Mam Design Cloud Swaddle
    Meeting the Clan - introducing baby to your family and friends is a proud moment indeed, everyone from far and wide will want to visit. However, remember you are in control of your time and your diary.

    Some days you may feel like visitors, other days you may not. Family and friends should be understanding of this so don't feel obliged to be the hostess with the mostess. And if you need to cancel or change plans, that is fine too! Also, it is totally acceptable to let guests know on arrival what time they need to leave by.

    Bear in mind however that most family members will just want to help you, so if they do offer a help in hand, really try to accept it. It is easy to feel protective of your new born and to feel that you need to prove you are capable and functioning and in control of the feeding, the changing, the chores, the tasks, the everything. But really, if someone else offers to put on a load of washing, cook you a few meals or sit with baby whilst you have a shower or a snooze - our advice is TAKE IT! And, book in a few other things whilst you're at it! This is totally a legitimate time to accept all the help you need. Remember, you just made a miracle! You got this mama!

    What other advice would you give a new mum on the first few days on the outside? We would love to know, let us know below.

    Good luck mama, we know you'll get there! Love Burble Baby x


    If you are feeling like you or a family member might need some extra emotional help, support or advice after the birth of baby, please do not suffer alone and seek help from your Dr, midwife or a professional organisation like PANDAS


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