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How To Choose A Baby Changing Bag

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How To Choose A Baby Changing Bag

At Burble Baby we often get asked how to choose a baby changing bag so we thought we would give you our top tips on how to choose the right bag for you!

Changing bags are one of the ways to carry on YOUR style identity after the birth of baby and with so much choice in terms of brand, colour, features and style many mums- to- be deliberate for a very long time over their purchase. Changing bags are often a big investment so picking the right one for you is essential! Not only does your bag need to be practical for your lifestyle and the amount of baby kit you will be carrying but in an ideal world it needs to be something that you will LOVE for at least the first 12 months with baby and maybe more! If you choose wisely lots of bags will see you beyond babydom and can turn into stylish handbags, lap top bags or gym bags when you return to work or your lifestyle changes.

So, have a think about the questions below when you choose your changing bag to ensure that your choice is one you are happy with!

If you still can't decide which bag is the right one for you, why not drop us a line at we'd be happy to help! Or why not post a question to our Facebook page so our Burble Baby community can help you with any questions you might have. Remember we have 15% off your 1st purchase at Burble Baby when you subscribe to our newsletter which can come in very handy for your changing bag purchase. We also offer a great refund and exchange policy, so you can always see a few bags in the flesh before you decide! Happy shopping!

Love Burble Baby x

Things to consider when choosing a baby changing bag:

  • Your own personal style - having a baby should not really mean that you suddenly lose your own sense of style. In fact, your changing bag is one of the ways to shout loud and proud about your fashion identity! Modern and sleek, fun and vibrant, urban casual which way do you lean? Many of the leading changing bag brands such as Storksak, Babymel and JEM+BEA cater for all styles and tastes so using this as your starting point can really help you focus in on your changing bag choice.
  • Your wardrobe - thinking about the clothes you will be wearing whilst you carry your bag can also help you choose your bag. Remember you might be wearing outfits and clothes that you might not have worn regularly in the work world. Do you want to co-ordinate and compliment your go-to coat and pair of boots for example? And, bear in mind the season - we're not renowned for long british summers but will you want a slightly different shade of bag depending on when you will be using it the most or will you opt for a neutral shade that will look amazing and compliment your wardrobe whatever the weather? Colours and prints on your accessories are a great way to add a fun twist or colour pop to your wardrobe so don't be afraid to experiment!
  • Your pram - lots of changing bags can be used with universal stroller straps to help attach your bag to your buggy without putting undue strain on your bag handles or causing the pram to tip up. But, have you thought about how your bag will co-ordinate or compliment with the colour of your pram? You are likely to use your pram and changing bag EVERYDAY so making sure the 2 work together is imperative!
  • Your lifestyle - there are so many factors to consider here! Try and play out all the scenarios where you might have your changing bag in tow over the next few months. How will you be carrying it, what will you be doing, where will you be? Are you just with baby, is there another little person with you, do you need to be hands free? What will you need to pack in it? Does it need to have multiple usage? The questions are endless but if you write them down and answer them all they will help you really hone down on the features and benefits you need from a changing bag. Lots of bags are versatile in that they can be carried in different ways- over the shoulder, cross body or as a back pack and the majority are water resistant and wipe clean to cater for those inevitable spills and wet rainy days Many changing bags are so stylish they will also carry you from day to night if you are lucky enough to have some mama time off for a rare night out!
  • Your 'baby stage' - From birth through to weaning and toddler adventures remember that the baby kit you will be carrying is likely to be quite heavy and bulky so check out features like number of pockets and compartments and also the dimensions and weight of the bags to ensure they are suitable for your needs. Many bags come with added changing mats and inserts or pouches to help you organise your baby paraphernalia. Making a list of what you might need to take with you in your bag will definitely help - bottles, wipes, nappies, creams, changes of clothes, toys - oh and your valuables too of course! Others are designed to be sleek and compact for short trips or for use with older children (when they need less clobber!) so the age of your child or children is crucial in your decision.
  • Who will be using the bag the most - a girly print, colour or style might just be perfect for you, but if the dada in your crew is going to be using the bag a lot too, he may not be entirely happy with that! Choosing a unisex bag might be the best option for when the changing bag is on constant change over!
  • Your budget - your changing bag will probably be one of your most used baby items, so when you work out the cost per use you will be getting a lot of bang for your buck! Having said that changing bags do not have to be a pricey investment. Luxury leather handcrafted bags are inevitably on the higher end of the price spectrum but if you choose PU or fabric alternatives you will find a gorgeous changing bag that suits your style as well as your budget.

What other factors do you need to consider when choosing your changing bag? Let us know your helpful tips in the comments below.






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