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Kids’ Healthy Snacking Tips

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Kids’ Healthy Snacking Tips

Does anyone else have permanently hangry kids? Are you often at a loss as to where all the food disappears to? Is your only conclusion that somewhere in the house lays an undiscovered snack monster living amongst a mountain of his own discarded empty wrappers, apple cores and crumbs? Do you secrete your own secret stash of snacks in the airing cupboard underneath a big pile of towels and guiltily gorge them on frequent 'bathroom' breaks, sans kids? (No, just me then!)

With half term around the corner and the much anticipated cries of, 'Muuuum, I'm hungry!!' ringing in our ears, we decided to ask our friends over at Pulsin for some sanity saving snacking tips! Avoid the sugary snacks, cupboard raiding and hangry kids with these simple 5 tips for kids healthy snacks.

  1. Make it colourful!
    Ensuring that you include as many different colours of foods as possible throughout the day ensures that you are also giving little ones many different nutrients too. Plus, if they are younger you can also use the different coloured foods as a learning opportunity too!
  2. Have multiple options
    If you have just one healthy option and your little one turns up their nose, then you are much more likely to grab something unhealthy to ensure that they eat something. By having multiple options, both savoury and sweet you have more chances of ensuring there is always something that your child will snack on.
  3. Bulk buy but re-use smaller packaging
    This is something that my own mum used to do a lot! I liked the packaging of Sun Maid raisins when I was a child. So, my mum used to keep the little cardboard boxes and refill them using raisins and sultanas from a big packet. This made it much cheaper and better for the environment too!
  4. Go homemade
    One of my favourite things to do as a child was to bake and make my own sweet treats. Getting little ones active in the kitchen can help to open a dialogue about food and the ingredients included. You can also control how much sugar and/or salt is going into snacks you make too.
  5. Make the most of the pre-nursery/school years
    Before you little ones go to nursery or school you have much more control over their snacking and what they will or won’t eat. Once they mix more with other children their own age, they are much more likely to say that they don’t like foods that their friends don’t like. So, if you can encourage your little ones to eat as many healthy snacks as possible before this happens, you may help them to enjoy healthier snacks for that little bit longer!

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