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The 4 Essential Life Skills Babies Can Learn from Swimming Lessons

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The 4 Essential Life Skills Babies Can Learn from Swimming Lessons

Swimming is an essential and potentially life-saving skill that all children should begin learning from a young age. Sadly, drowning is the third-most common cause of accidental death amongst children in the UK, so learning how to swim is vital.

However, did you know that your little ones can also develop important life skills through learning to swim? From confidence to the importance of a healthy lifestyle and a love of water for life, we’ve listed the vital skills your baby will start to pick up during swimming lessons.

Social Skills

Swimming with your baby will help them develop social skills from a very young age. The two of you will bond with the close contact you’ll have, and your baby’s growing confidence with you will help them interact with others around them.

Even newborn babies are social creatures, and as they grow, meeting other babies the same age and the exciting atmosphere of the pool will help them learn how to make friends, share, and relax around people other than Mum and Dad.

As children get older, swimming teachers will encourage participation in team activities, from throwing and catching in the pool to shared swimming exercises. Your child will hereby begin to see how important teamwork and empathy is – a skill that will help them make and keep friends throughout their life.

Communication is also improved. Learning to respond to key words (within a few months) can make your baby sharper mentally, increasing levels of awareness and understanding as well as improve communication between you both.


Swimming is often the first group educational experience your little one will encounter, well before they start school or nursery. Being in an open and supportive environment, your baby will learn how to be confident and express themselves in front of others.

As they progress through their lessons, children will be encouraged to learn new strokes and will build stamina, and in turn, will begin to receive badges and certificates which instills a real sense of achievement in young people. Continuous praise from teachers and recognition for progression and improvement is a wonderful thing for young children to receive.

Healthy living

Swimming is one of the best activities for general fitness in both adults and children. When a child learns at a young age, it can help to strengthen their heart and lungs, develop their brain, and stimulate all five senses. You’ll notice improved strength, coordination, and joint mobility in your baby after just a few swimming lessons.

As well as this, swimming is well-known for reducing stress, improving sleep patterns, and instilling a sense of calm in children. It can also help them burn off excess energy, which helps with behaviour.

For you as a parent, taking your baby swimming will give you a gentle but effective workout, which can be invaluable in the busy months after your baby is born.

Relaxing and Having Fun

There are tons of health benefits to swimming lessons for your baby or child, but one of the most important facts to consider is how much fun it is!

Being in the water can help babies feel independent, help them to relax, and is great bonding time for parent and baby. As your child gets older, swimming lessons are the perfect time to splash about and have fun with their friends while improving their swimming.

Children of any age or ability can start swimming lessons at any time. The lessons will provide new and fun challenges, and will reward accomplishments, so even those who have struggled with physical exercise before will have an activity they can enjoy.

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Terms & Conditions

  • By entering this competition you are agreeing to be contacted by Puddle Ducks and Burble Baby for marketing purposes
  • Competition ends midnight 14/09/17 and winners notified within 48 hours
  • The winner must begin their 8 lesson prize by 1st December 2017
  • Burble Baby & Puddle Ducks have the right to withdraw this competition at any time
  • The winners will be chosen via rafflecopter
  • No cash alternative
  • UK entries only
  • Prize valid across the two programmes,  0-4 year olds or 4-10 year olds - subject to availability in your local area


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