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The Beauty of KeriKit Changing Bags

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The Beauty of KeriKit Changing Bags

You've grown up with a sense of style and sophistication you've worked hard to make your own!  KeriKit Changing Bags are everything you need them to be for your baby and as stylish and sophisticated as you want them to be for you. There is beauty in order and now there is order in beauty.

Burble Baby talks to Keri from new award winning and luxury changing bag range KeriKit and discovers the concept behind the brand.

The idea behind KeriKit is a simple one, you are not one-dimensional and neither should your bag be. The choice between function and fashion is one we engage with in every aspect of our lives and now we’ve become parents the limits are tested everywhere we turn. It was a choice I no longer wanted to make when it came to my Changing bag.

With my first child, Jasper, I tried to accommodate my new life into my old handbags with predictable results, either trying to cram everything into a bag that was too small or endless rummaging and losing track of what I had with me every time I left the house! My feeling was that the changing bags out there just weren’t acceptable for me in terms of quality, function and style.

Keri with her new babies: the KeriKit Changing Bag Range

When I found out I was expecting twins. I knew I was going to need a bag large enough for me and my beautiful, rapidly expanding family. However I did not intend to compromise and wanted to retained my individualism and style. I quickly came to the realisation that the only person who could save me from going through all of the same frustrations I had experienced previously was me! And so, KeriKit was conceived.

Before my children were born I had a fifteen-year career as a global designer and procurer of luxury accessories. Now I am dedicated to making the highest quality, multi-functional and beautiful bags for mothers like you and me everywhere.

KeriKit Changing Bags are made using the finest Italian leathers and are designed in Pott Shrigley, Cheshire in the north of England.

Inside you’ll find all the space you need as well as our exclusively designed IRO (Internal Removable Organiser), which has designated sections for all of the modern mother’s needs, from your phone to your baby’s nappies, from your laptop to their lunch.

The gorgeous Kerikt Jasper Zebra!

KeriKit Changing Bags are made with all the care and attention you should expect and a huge amount of experience and love, which is why each one in the range is named after a member of my wonderful family.

At KeriKit we are confident that as your family grows, our changing bags will adapt to fit the life you lead. You shouldn’t have to compromise when it comes to your changing bag. Now with KeriKit Changing Bags we have created beautiful limited edition pieces that mean you don’t have to.

Not just a changing bag!

KeriKit has been shortlisted for the Mother & Baby Awards 2016, The Prima Baby Awards 2016 and the Junior Design Awards 2016 in the best changing bag categories.

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