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Top Tips for New Born Photography

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Top Tips for New Born Photography

Top Tips for New Born photography! Avoid blurry shots and screaming babies! Katherine Hancock Photography lets Burble Baby in on her trade secrets for capturing those perfect new born photos!

Kath captures tiny toes & perfect feet!
  1. The best time to photograph your Newborn is around 6-12 days old because at this age they're still sleepy and curl up more easily into adorable poses, and of course you want to capture their little feet, lips and wrinkles!As you all know I am sure, a full tummy of dreamy milk works a treat to get them to sleep.
  2. Although it seems like such an obvious thing, so many people don’t consider room temperature, keeping the room warm and cosy is a must!
  3. It also helps to have some background white noise which tends to sooth babies too sleep, making it easier to get the photographs you want. I use a free App. Called Baby Sleep.
  4. Natural light is always a great way to light your pictures so placing baby near a window is an easy and effective trick. If you place babies head closest to the light it also enhances all the little details, helping you capture their tiny toes, rosebud mouths and sleepy eyes.
  5. Try different angles with your camera.
  6. Most of all enjoy what an amazing experience it is to hold your baby and to capture your first precious moments of your sweet little one.
  7. Please remember, baby's safety comes first, never leave them on or in something eg, basket even for one moment.
  8. If you decide you would like a Professional Photographer to capture your baby’s newness, look for someone who specialises in New Born Photography and has had training in this area.
  9.  A good place to look is for professional photographers is www.banpas.co.uk

 Thanks for reading, Kath xxx

Gorgeous baby twins! Check out those wrinkles! Perfect!

Kath is a Professional Photographer based in Chorley, Lancashire, and has been trained in newborn posing and safety by Award Winning Photographers and is a member of the Baby and Newborn Photographers Association  BANPAS

Kath specialises in Newborn, Children and Wedding Photography, and her obsession is with light, love, joy and capturing pure newborns in their very first days of life.

I love creating images that will last a lifetime.

I really LOVE what I do and feel very blessed to have this amazing talent to share with you.

A photo, I believe, is something that stops a moment in time. To help us remember how you felt....right at that point in time. Their smell, their touch, their innocence and true beauty of being a newborn. I love to create this record of art for my clients to cherish every part and moment of their newborn - from their beautiful eyelashes, squishy lips and soft wisps of hair, to their tiny hands and feet. In years to come, my images will take you back to the day your newborn was tiny enough to fit in the palm of your hand and the days when they fell asleep on your chest.

For more information and to book your session contact Kath on her web site www.KatherineHancock.Photography on twitter, facebook by phone 01257 264346 or email at kathhancock@yahoo.co.uk

Sibling Love!



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