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Top Tips On How to Settle in to Your New Role as Mum to Be!

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Top Tips On How to Settle in to Your New Role as Mum to Be!

Congratulations Mama! Learning that you're pregnant can be the most exciting and nerve wracking experience all rolled in to one! Once you've checked out all the many to do lists for newly pregnant mamas and familiarised yourself with all the symptoms and health checks you need to be aware of, it really is time to congratulate yourself, lie back, and relax!

Oh, and start shopping of course! Here at Burble Baby we've lots of lovely treats to help you settle in to the role of mum-to-be and support you through pregnancy in a safe and comforting way. Have a read through our little tips below. Plus, discover how to WIN a haul of mum-to-be treats from our range!

Beat the Nausea

Pregnancy sickness – or morning sickness – is thought to be a reaction to high levels of pregnancy hormones, in particular HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin). Pregnancy sickness is often at its worst when you first wake up, which is why it is called morning sickness, but it can happen at any time of day. According to the NHS 80% of pregnant women suffer from some degree of morning sickness.

Expectant women often make major changes to their lifestyle and shopping habits at this stage in their lives, and are willing to ensure their own comfort and wellbeing and the health of their baby during pregnancy and beyond. It is little wonder therefore that UK shoppers now prefer to buy beauty and wellness products that favour transparency and natural ingredients.

Cue Myrtle & Maude with their handmade natural remedies designed to evoke a sense of wellbeing and support for mum-to-be through those early days of pregnancy and beyond. Founded in Yorkshire and born out of a desire to fulfil the needs of mums-to-be on those queasy days, their recipes have helped mums-to-be for over three generations, using values handed down from their grandmothers. Organic natural ingredients are at the heart of everything they do. The Myrtle & Maude Mum To Be Pregnancy Gift Pack consists of 3 natural organic remedies to help ease the symptoms of morning sickness.

It is a lovely and helpful gift for every new mum- to- be which contains organic herbal tea, accupressure wristbands and vitamin B6 peppermint oil bonbons. All Myrtle & Maude products are formulated and regulated by a master herbalist, but for extra peace of mind, consult your healthcare professional or midwife before use. Check out the fabulous gift set for more information here


Fortunately, relaxing and taking it easy are firmly on the menu during your first trimester! Great news! Lots of ladies find that strong scents and smells can make them feel nauseous during pregnancy and smells that don't normally bother you can cause a bout of sickness. Washing powder, perfumes, food smells, even skincare products, the list is endless. Bloom & Blossom have a wonderful range of pregnancy and baby skincare to help solve this problem. Their Bath and Shower Gel is a fragrance free formulation and perfect for mothers-to-be experiencing morning sickness and a sensitivity to stronger scents. It is 99% naturally derived and is formulated with a sulphate-free foaming base to gently cleanse all skin types. Fortified with vitamin E and organic cucumber extract, it is gentle enough for use throughout pregnancy and motherhood and a wonderful reason to run yourself a lovely bath and......relax!


Why not go all out and light yourself some candles too for a truly relaxing ambience! HYP (Help Your Pregnancy) Candles are created to provide support and balance throughout pregnancy. Each one contains all-natural ingredients from organicaly sourced essential oils. HYP Candles are hand-poured in England using 100% clean-burning, natural wax, which is toxin and pollutant free and they have a 40 hour burn time.

There are 4 candles in the HYP range designed to relieve different symptoms or offer various benefits during pregnancy such as boosting energy or restoring a sense of calm.

The Restore HYP Candle is blended with Grapefruit, Lemon, Bergamot and Frankincense oils known to settle and relieve symptoms associated with morning sickness during pregnancy and restore a feeling of wellbeing. Restore is a refreshing and zesty candle using grapefruit which is known to help settle nausea and symptoms associated with morning sickness.

The Restore Candle makes a gorgeous gift for a mama to be to help them relax and enjoy their pregnancy. Perfect for babyshowers or just because!



Make Memories!

Once you're feeling nice and relaxed and a bit brighter, maybe it's time to start enjoying yourself and relish being pregnant. Lots of ladies document the miracle of their pregnancy for posterity so they can look back and reminisce. Whether this is via social media, a journal or the use of simple photographs, recording your pregnancy journey is becoming an increasingly popular past time. Milestone Pregnancy Cards are a truly unique gift for baby showers and mum to be! These 30 photo cards help capture the adventure of pregnancy and the first weeks of newborn baby.

Use the cards to record monumental milestones such as the first pregnancy test, the first kick, the growing belly, pregnancy cravings and the baby’s room to the first outfit, presents and cards and favorite toy. The set also includes two cards to make a hand and footprint for baby.

They really are a wonderful gift for mum to be to help capture moments and highlights too precious to ever forget.



Announce the BIG news!

Now you're ready and over the 12 week scan, you can announce the happy news!

This 'Eating For Two' Tablespoon for expectant mummies not only makes a fabulous baby shower gift but is a great and quirky way to announce your pregnancy. Discretely place the spoon in a photo or maybe strategically use it at mealtimes with your partner to break the exciting news! Lovingly hand stamped and made to order from expert craftmum One Mama One Shed, it is an original vintage, recycled and upcycled tablespoon. Every spoon is unique, just like you!


Are you a new mum-to-be? How are you getting to grips with the news and how are you feeling? Check out our Facebook Page for the opportunity to WIN a bundle of Mum to Be Treats to help ease you in to the swing of things! Congratulations Mama!


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