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Why everyone’s talking about aquanatal classes

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Why everyone’s talking about aquanatal classes

Aquanatal classes are rapidly increasing in popularity and it’s easy to understand why. The benefits are plentiful, helping to take care of both mum and baby at the same time. Burble Baby has teamed up with Puddle Ducks South Lancs to find out more...

Being a mum starts from the very moment you find out you’re pregnant. During that first nine months, taking care of yourself has never been so important – it’s the only way to ensure your baby gets exactly what it needs. Whilst it can be a particularly emotional time for mums-to-be, it’s also the perfect opportunity to take the time to bond with your baby.

The UK’s leading baby, pre-school and child swimming programme, Puddle Ducks, has more recently started specialising in Aquanatal. Tracey Hargraves, owner of Puddle Ducks across ‘South Lancashire’ explains why:

Not only is Aquanatal proven to take the best care of mum right the way through pregnancy, it’s also an essential first step in baby’s swimming journey – something we are very proud to be a part of.

We already have lots of second, third and fourth time mums attending our programme with their other children, so we wanted to do something that took care of their needs too – it’s especially important for those who are already juggling the demands of little ones to have that time which is just for them and their soon-to-be born baby.

Benefits of Aquanatal

Puddle Ducks has outlined some of the key benefits of Aquanatal:

  1. It’s safe - arguably the safest way to exercise during pregnancy, as the weight of your bump is fully supported by the water
  2. Provides a highly effective workout – a unique combination of cardio vascular exercise and muscle toning keeps you feeling and looking great throughout pregnancy
  3. Prepares the body for labour – not only by building physical strength and stamina but keeping the body supple during pregnancy
  4. Increases core and pelvic floor strength – paramount to women during pregnancy and following birth  
  5. Reduces pregnancy niggles – common ailments and illnesses are significantly reduced by regularly practicing aquanatal
  6. Promotes total relaxation – gentle movement and the sound of water helps the body to relax and unwind to promote overall well-being
  7. Manages antenatal and postnatal depression – releasing natural endorphins into the body, the class significantly reduces the likelihood and severity of mental illnesses often associated with pregnancy and childbirth
  8. Encourages sleep – the combination of physical exercise and relaxation techniques helps to promotes a good night sleep
  9. Starts baby’s swimming journey – familiar sounds of the pool ensures baby is relaxed in water after birth
  10. Meet other mums-to-be – have fun, make new friends, share experiences and enjoy this unique time before baby arrives

To book or for more information on Aquanatal please contact Puddle Ducks South Lancs on: 01606 892868, email southlancs@puddleducks.com or visit www.puddleducks.com

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