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Yummy delicious baby clothing from Peacheyboo!

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Yummy delicious baby clothing from Peacheyboo!

It will come as little surprise to loyal Burble Baby customers that we have welcomed Peacheyboo into our range! Take a little look at their gorgeous cute threads and you will see why we were quick to snap them up!

It's a well know fact that we've got a certain penchant for all things naughty but nice here at Burble Baby and there's a definite undertone running through our collection which points to our love of cake and all things sweet and yummy! Play wooden muffins and chocolates, soft imaginary play birthday cakes, socks presented as fairy cakes and gingerbread men shaped like rattles, you might say we have a bit of a sweet tooth!

So when we saw the delightful brand Peacheyboo pop up in our Instagram feed, we were excited beyond belief, and quite literally licking our lips!

Peacheyboo is an award winning new and exciting British baby clothing brand specialising in unique hand drawn designs for 0-3 year olds.

The inspiration for their first collection; ‘sweet toothy pegs’ was fond memories from their childhood - walking into old fashioned sweet shops, the delicious sweet smell and the huge selection of treats you could never decide on. Their favourite sweets as kids were sugar mice so these cute little fellas feature on their baby grows, leggings, bibs, scratch mitts and dribble cloths in an array of gorgeous colours that allow you to mix and match to create adorable gift bundles for baby boy or girl.

Peacheyboo lemon sugar mice leggings

The other inspiration for their collection was baking with their Nana; Sundays spent around her kitchen table getting covered in flour and jam, and the smell of whatever was baking in the oven filling the whole house! They have used some of Nana’s recipes on their bibs so you can recreate your own sweet treats! We can't wait to try out the raspberry and blackberry tart recipes!

Peacheyboo Raspberry Tart Babygrow

The Peacheyboo range is original, super cute and mouthwateringly delicious! With an array of classic babygrows, leggings and bibs, Peacheyboo fits into our carefully curated clothing range for babies and reflects our philosophy with a no fuss approach to dressing! No tricky or uncomfortable fastenings or embellishments here! We believe that babies should be babies for as long as possible!

So, if you too share our love for all things sweet and yummy, check out Peacheyboo!

Peacheyboo - we LOVE you!

Discover the Peacheyboo baby clothing range at Burble Baby

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