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KeriKit Buggy Clips
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Stylish luxury!

The KeriKit Buggy Clips are leather trimmed premium webbing buggy clips that will fit most prams and strollers and are compatible with every KeriKit bag in our range apart from thebackpacks

KeriKit pram clips  / stroller straps attach to the handlebars allowing you to hang your bag on your pram / Stroller. Using stroller straps can help prolong and protect the life of your changing bag and allieviate strain on the straps.

  • High quality Velcro with Leather trims
  • Fully adjustable

Caution: Please check the weight of your bag before adding to the pram. Over filling could cause the pram / stroller to tip.

Dimensions: 17 x 3.5 x 3.5 cm

KeriKit is the new luxury changing bag brand with fashion, quality and functionality all top of the list. Not only are they the epitome of luxury, they are also the most functional handbags available and will last you well beyond those early years of motherhood.

These bags cater for business women, mothers and any lady who knows a good bag when she sees one, and doesn’t want to conform to buying another ‘ordinary - run of the mill’ bag.