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Real Rubber Duck Yellow Bath Toy
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Quack Quack Quack!

At last! A rubber duck that's actually made from natural rubber.

This Real Rubber Duck Yellow Bath Toy is THE original and BEST Rubber Duck ever from the Original Rubber Duck Company!

You won't find plastic or PVC here, meaning nothing but good clean bath time fun.

A simple, classic design that floats upright in the water.

No holes, to prevent grime build-up inside.

Soft and squishy for little hands.

The large Duck is (approx) 8am long, 7cm wide, 8cm tall.
Suitable from birth
All products are CE marked & tested

What is natural rubber?
Harvested from the Hevea tree, it's the milky white sap collected daily from these trees that we know as natural rubber or latex.
Natural rubber is a safe and natural material for your baby to use, and is sustainably produced so it's good for the planet too!